Artemis ROADS (2022-2023)

Our ROADS program (Rover Observation And Drone Survey) is a framework that lets students explore STEM concepts through hands-on activities. ROADS takes inspiration from real NASA projects and guides students on a space-related mission. Each year we update ROADS to tackle different science and engineering problems and to visit different solar system bodies. For 2022–2023 we’re going back to the Moon!

Students will…

  • Create mission documentation
  • Observe the changing Moon as viewed from Earth
  • Investigate Artemis’s destination – the south pole of the Moon
  • Model the system of living objects in a closed spacecraft and design a plant experiment
  • Reflect on the types of items that help astronauts stay connected to home in space
  • Use the engineering design process to develop a wheel for a lunar rover
  • Operate a drone to simulate the Artemis trajectory
  • Robotics & programming — design and test a robot that can drive on the challenging lunar surface

Check out a summary of this year’s Mission Objectives and the full manual below!

Have questions?  Please take a look at the slides from our Mission Advisor Q&A Session. 


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Introduction to the Artemis Mission

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Introduction to the Artemis Mission

Challenge Manual

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Challenge Manual

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