Artemis ROADS Companion Course

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Welcome to the NESSP Student Challenge Companion Courses!  The 2022 / 2023  version represents the third iteration of this Student Challenge Companion Course. This course is organized around the guiding question, “How can we use experiments, models, and rehearsals here on Earth to understand other solar system objects and plan a successful mission to the Moon?” and is tied to this year’s Student Challenge target mission for Artemis ROADS.

Alignment with NESSP’s Artemis ROADS Challenge

Most lessons from the Companion Course are aligned with the Mission Objectives (MO’s) of the Artemis ROADS Challenge.

Challenge participants are not required to complete these lessons but can use them to extend or supplement the associated Mission Objectives.

Educators who are not registered for the challenge are welcome to use these lessons. However, only registered educators are eligible for additional supplies, technical support, and interactions with NASA scientists and engineers.

Organization of Lessons

This course is organized around the guiding question, How can we use experiments, models, and rehearsals here on Earth to understand other solar system objects and plan a successful mission to the Moon?“.

Courses have been developed for upper elementary school (Grades 3-5), middle school (Grades 6-8), and high school (Grades 9-12).

Each course is split into five units. The first four units include lessons on mission planning, geology, life sciences, and robotics and drones. The final unit challenges students to use their knowledge by completing a final mission!  

Each lesson plan is organized around the “5E” instructional model.  In the 5E approach:

  • Students ENGAGE with their current thinking, new noticings, and questions about the phenomenon
  • Students EXPLORE the phenomenon, getting direct experience with it
  • Students EXPLAIN the phenomenon, focusing on new learning and changes in thinking
  • Students ELABORATE on their new learning by applying it to a new situation
  • Students EVALUATE their learning, formally or informally

More information about the 5E model can be found here: 

Standards Alignment

Each lesson also includes standards alignment information for middle and high school Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  Many lessons also include information on alignment opportunities for:

  • CCSS Mathematics
  • CCSS English
  • Washington State Learning Standards in Computer Science
  • 21st Century Skills 

Additional Resources

Artemis ROADS Student Challenge Companion Courses en español!

Bienvenido a los Student Challenge Companion Courses de NESSP. La versión 2022/2023 representa la tercera iteración de este curso complementario Student Challenge. Este curso está organizado en torno a la pregunta guía “¿Cómo podemos usar experimentos, modelos y ensayos aquí en la Tierra para comprender otros objetos del sistema solar y planificar una misión exitosa a la Luna?” y está vinculado a la misión objetivo del Student Challenge de este año para Artemis ROADS. Se han desarrollado cursos en español para la escuela intermedia (Grados 6-8). Explore los otros niveles de grado si las lecciones proporcionadas en sus grados específicos requieren más o menos andamiaje para sus estudiantes.

Provide Feedback!

We encourage you to provide feedback!  Please let us know what worked, what didn’t, or how you adapted a lesson for your students. 

Units in this Course:

Artemis ROADS Unit 1: The Mission

How do we figure out where to go and what to do when planning a mission to another body in the solar system?

Artemis ROADS Unit 2: Geology

What do we need to know about the surface of the Moon?

Artemis ROADS Unit 3: Life Science

How can studying complex Earth systems help us create sustainable living spaces for humans on the Moon?"

Artemis ROADS Unit 4: Drones and Rovers

How can robotic systems aid in the exploration of our Earth and other solar system objects?

Artemis ROADS Unit 5: Bringing the Mission Together

How can we use a successful scale model rehearsal and completed MDL to convince our clients to fund the full mission?