Student Programs

NESSP offers experience, programs, supplies, and educational materials for K-12 students and their mentors. Opportunities range from single-day outreach events in the northwest to months-long national challenges. All programs feature authentic, hands-on activities inspired by NASA Earth and space science.

NASA National Student Challenges

NESSP’s student challenges program brings our STEM education expertise to educators and students across the United States. Challenges center around a specific scientific topic or NASA mission and create opportunities for educators to participate in NESSP-provided professional development and for students to work together in teams to tackle STEM topics.

Learn all about NESSP’s Student Challenges.

STEM Showcases

NESSP’s STEM showcase programs bring hands-on STEM activities to students in schools, after-school, or youth programs. Our outreach programs are provided by three of our partners, covering regions in Washington State and Oregon.

See available STEM Showcases.

Summer Mini-Missions

NESSP’s mini-mission program offers curriculum and supplies to educator-led activities across the northwest region. Our mini-missions work well in various situations, from summer camps to scouting activities to after-school programs. Stipends and professional development are offered to qualified educators.

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Summer Experiences

NESSP partners, including CWU, the Museum of Flight, OSME, and the Pacific Science Center, offer summer camps that are either free or offer scholarships to qualifying students.

Check out NESSP’s Summer Experiences.

Alternative Spring Break from UW Riverways

UW undergraduates spend their spring break in rural and tribal communities across Washington state. They teach lesson plans inspired by the NESSP ROADS challenge. The lesson plans are tailored to our partner site’s needs and modified to be culturally sustaining, gender-responsive, and accessible.

Contact Richard Parra at or connect through social media (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) for more information.

Campus Visits

UW Riverways coordinates University of Washington campus visits for qualifying schools. Students tour the UW Seattle campus, tour research labs, and participate in hands-on STEM activities.

Contact Richard Parra at or connect through social media (Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn) for more information.