Artemis ROADS II (2023-2024)

The ROADS program (Rover Observation And Discoveries in Space) explores STEM through hands-on activities. For 2023–2024, we continue to take inspiration from NASA’s Artemis Mission to send humans back to the Moon. Students in grades 3–12 model a NASA mission, survey the landscape (via robot), prepare to launch a rocket, and simulate living and working on the Moon.

Resources to help you understand the mission:


Artemis ROADS II Submissions

The next submission form is the last one, called Re-Entry! It is due by June 5th, 2024.

Re-Entry Submission Form

Challenge Manual

A printable PDF with all the details about the challenge's Mission Objectives and requirements.

Artemis ROADS II Challenge Manual

Introduction to the Artemis Mission

Prepare for your mission by reading about NASA's Artemis mission.

A ROADS Introduction to Artemis

Companion Course

Enhance the mission with NGSS-aligned lessons that follow the 5E model. (English and Spanish-language lessons available!)

Artemis ROADS II Companion Course

Supply Information

Information on supplies for Mission Advisors and student team members.

Supply Information

Schedule Information

Information on important dates.

Artemis ROADS II Schedule Information

Artemis ROADS II Resources and FAQ

Additional resources and links for each Mission Objective and frequently asked questions and answers.

Artemis ROADS II Resources

Artemis ROADS Educator Professional Development

Are you interested in Artemis ROADS II Professional Development for educators that focuses on the Artemis ROADS II Companion Course? Click on the link below to learn more! (Note, this is not the same as registering for the challenge. Register for the Challenge using the link above.)

Artemis ROADS II Professional Development Registration