A ROADS Introduction to Artemis

What is the Artemis Mission?

The Artemis Missions are NASA’s exciting plans to return humans to the Moon! They have an amazing team of astronauts, including engineers, biologists, geologists, oceanographers, physicists, pilots, and doctors. Among them will be the first woman and person of color to set foot on the Moon. NASA wants to learn more about the Moon’s environment and improve its spaceflight abilities through robotic and human-crewed missions. By the end of the Artemis missions, NASA hopes to have a community of astronauts living and working on the Moon.

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Why go back to the Moon?

How will we get there?

What is planned for the first three Artemis Missions?

Artemis I: What went wrong before it went right?

Where will humans live and work on the Moon?

What future robotic missions will help us prepare to go to the Moon?

What past missions have helped us prepare for Artemis?

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