2023 Summer Mini-Mission

NESSP’s mini-mission program offers curriculum and supplies to educator-led activities across the northwest region. Our mini-missions work well in a variety of situations from summer camps to Scouting activities to after-school programs. Stipends and professional development are offered to qualified educators.

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NESSP Student Programs

NESSP offers experience, programs, supplies, and educational materials for K-12 students and their mentors. Opportunities range from single-day outreach events in the northwest to months-long national challenges. All programs feature authentic, hands-on activities inspired by NASA Earth and space science.

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Summer Experiences

NESSP Partners, including CWU, the Museum of Flight, OMSI, Montana Learning Center, and the Pacific Science Center, offer summer enrichment opportunities for students throughout Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Programs are free, low-cost, or offer scholarships to qualifying students.

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About Northwest Earth & Space Sciences

NESSP serves as a “virtual NASA center” for residents of the U.S.’s northwest — covering Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. NASA centers have traditionally acted as hubs for professional development for educators, access points for NASA educational materials, and on-site experiences for educators and students. In lieu of a NASA center in our region, NESSP offers several programs to deliver hands-on STEM experiences and NASA education to our communities.

NESSP Partners

Artemis ROADS (2022-2023)

Our ROADS program (Rover Observation And Drone Survey) is a framework that lets students explore STEM concepts through hands-on activities. ROADS takes inspiration from real NASA projects and guides students on a space-related mission. Each year we update ROADS to tackle different science and engineering problems and to visit different solar system bodies. For 2022–2023 we’re going back to the Moon!

Artemis ROADS (2022-2023)

Educator Programs

NESSP seeks to provide educators with the necessary tools and resources to inspire and motivate underserved students, even in challenging learning environments. NESSP provides educators with engaging hands-on lesson plans, supplies, professional development opportunities, and summer stipends.

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