The Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline

The Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline is a collaborative K-12 education effort serving students, teachers, and their diverse communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

ROADS on Mars

ROADS on Mars is a team challenge for grades 3–12. The challenge follows in the path of the Mars 2020 rover and focuses on guiding students in understanding Rover Observation And Drone Survey. Full details on the challenge will be announced in fall 2019. Stay tuned!

Click to download a small ROADS “Coming Soon” poster as a PDF!

ROADS on Mars is an expansion based on our ANGLeS Challenge, which was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. You can get a sense of what ROADS will entail by reading up on the ANGLeS information on our website.


Ground control to UW campus — Seeking campus-savvy volunteers for lunar mission

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