June 5th – Artemis ROADS II Challenge Submission Deadline!

Hi, Artemis ROADS II Mission Advisors,

It’s time to upload your team’s Mission Development Log! The short final submission form is now open and can be found at: https://nwessp.org/artemis-roads-ii-submissions/. Please read through the required items and preview the form before submitting it. Feel free to send any questions to info@nwessp.org.

When is this due? June 5th, 2024!

Should I still submit the teams’ Mission Development Log if they have not completed all of the Mission Objectives? Yes! Your team does not have to complete all Mission Objectives to submit results and get recognized by NESSP. We would love to see submissions from all teams that completed all or part of the challenge.

What should I do with my team’s supplies? NESSP sends supplies to mission advisors for “long-term loans.” That means you can keep the supplies if you plan to do the challenge again next year; we request that you just let us know what you have when you register your new team. If you do not plan on registering for the challenge or professional development next year, please return the following: Sealed Lego SPIKE robot kit, 3D pen, Estes Rocket Launcher, LED grow light, grow light socket clamps, and UNOPENED Aquapod rocket launchers. You can keep the remaining supplies and any opened and assembled rocket launchers (they do not disassemble). You should have received a return shipping label with your original shipment. If you did not, you can request another one at https://nwessp.org/supply-return/.

Great! I want to do the challenge again next year! What is next? Excellent question! We will be launching the theme and Mission Objectives of the new challenge soon and will offer our ROADS Educator Professional Development from August to November. Look out for updates in our newsletter, social media (@nwessp), and on the Events and Announcements page on our website.

I want to provide some feedback. How do I do that? The final submission form does not include any opportunities to give feedback, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to know about your experience! Please look out for an email from Horizon Research, Inc – NESSP’s NASA-approved official evaluator – and take a few minutes to tell them what worked for you and your students and what did not. This feedback is incredibly valuable to us!

Thank you for all you do!