Artemis ROADS Online Resource Guide

Artemis ROADS Final Challenge Crater Course

The Artemis ROADS final challenge crater course map is now available! The map is 60″ x 60″. Teams can print this map or make it themselves using the coordinates. All teams should plan on using this map to program their rovers and practice for the final event.

Note: A full-scale version of this map will be available for teams participating in one of NESSP’s in-person final challenge events. Teams will not need to bring their map or ramps to these events. Teams completing the final challenge virtually may print the map or build their own using the coordinates of the ramps, sample locations, and hazard regions.

Additional Resources:

Interactive Maps of Shackleton Crater from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO):

Challenge Supplies

NESSP will provide the following challenge supplies to teams that register for the challenge as availability allows. However, these are not required supplies. Your team can purchase similar materials or use robots, drones, etc., already available to complete the mission objectives.

ItemLinks for more information
Lunar SimulantExolith Simulant Website
Exolith Simulant Educational Products
FoldscopesFoldscope Website
Foldscope Tutorials
LED Grow LightLots of options like this one on Amazon
Carbon Dioxide DetectorTemtop CO2 Meter
CO2 Meter Calibration Instructions
DroneExample Drone (any drone works)
Drone Safety 101
LEGO Spike Prime SetLEGO Spike Prime Set (any programmable robot works too)
LEGO Spike App

Additional Mission Objective Online Resources

Mission Objective 2: Observe and Explain the Moon

Cameras and Virtual Simulations of the Sky:

Resources for Understanding and Teaching Moon Phases:

Mission Objective 3: Investigate the Moon’s Surface

NASA Treks Resources

Foldscope Resources

Mission Objective 4: Life in a Closed System

Mission Objective 5: Pack Your Moon Kit

Mission Objective 6: Path(s) to the Moon

Mission Objective 7: Rover Testing and Navigation

Mission Objective 8: Make a Mission Patch

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