NESSP’s mini-mission program offers curriculum and supplies to educator-led activities across the northwest region. Our mini-missions work well in a variety of situations from summer camps to Scouting activities to after-school programs.

ROADS on Icy Worlds Mini-Mission (coming back in summer 2023)

Students will spend the week completing a series of hands-on activities that mimic aspects of planning a rover mission to an icy world like Europa. The activities are a mix of science and engineering with lots of hands-on, student-led activities.

Grade Levels: 3-12

Suggested Length: 5 days

Icy Worlds Mini-Mission Guide

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James Webb Mini-Mission

(coming back in summer 2023)

Learn about the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) with hands-on NASA-themed activities.

Activity 1: Launch Code Quest

Students will complete a game that allows them to learn about the history of JWST, and what part of the electromagnetic spectrum it will use to study the universe and its main targets.

Activity 2: Telescope and Optics

Students will compare a Celestron FirstScope, Hubble, and the James Webb telescope and learn light refraction and magnification with lenses.

Activity 3: Build-Your-Own Telescope

Students will investigate the main elements of a space telescope and design their own with an iterative and collaborative approach.

Activity 4: Science Goals Scavenger Hunt 

Students will use the World Wide Telescope to hunt down images of potential targets for the JWST to observe and make an 18-hexagon collage!

Grade Levels: 6-10

Suggested Length: 3 days

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