NESSP Companion Course Supplies

NESSP supports educators who have attended the Artemis Professional Development Workshop with classroom-sized material loans:

  • Large Lunar Rover Classroom Set: 6 LEGO Spike Robots
  • Small Lunar Rover Classroom Set: 4 LEGO Spike Robots
  • Orion Drone Classroom Set: 3 Drones and Inflatable Earth and Moon Globes – NESSP is out of drones, so we can no longer provide this kit.
  • Life in a Closed System Set: 3 LED Lights and 1 CO2 Detector

Educators can request these sets by completing the Artemis ROADS Registration.

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Have a loan kit you need to replace? Download return and care instructions here.

Large Lunar Rover Classroom Set
Small Lunar Rover Classroom Set
Drone Classroom Set
Life in a Closed System Classroom Set