Why go back to the Moon?

So, why go back to the Moon? NASA has three main reasons:

1. To develop new technologies and skills for future explorations, like crewed missions to Mars. It’s like learning to ride a bike in your neighborhood before going to a friend’s house across town.

2. To study the Moon and learn about the origin and history of Earth, the Moon, and the solar system. The Moon can tell us things we can’t learn from studying Earth because its surface has remained mostly the same for billions of years.

3. To inspire a new generation and encourage careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Just like the first Moon landing in 1969 inspired many people to pursue STEM careers, NASA wants to inspire you and others!

Why do you think we should go back to the Moon?

Learn more about why NASA is going to the Moon:

Learn more about why NASA is going to the Moon!

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