ROADS on Mars mini-challenge winners — Mission Patch

We are very pleased to announce the prize-winning teams of the Mission Patch mini-challenge. This goal of this challenge was:

To get creative and design a mission patch that represents themselves, their community, and their mission in the ROADS Challenge.

Congratulations, ROADS teams!!


TS River City Team — an Opportunity division team from University of Idaho TRIO in Coeur d’Alene, ID.

Our patch is designed to reflect three things: who we are, what our goal is, and where we come from. In our community we are the River City Titans, so we wanted to tie our name into that and we decided that our team name would be Titans’ Journey to Mars or TJTM for short. The lego spaceman on Mars is centered around the overall mission of making it to and exploring MARS! Lastly, the world in the background reminds us that we come from another planet. Earth is our home.


Golden Space Knights — An Opportunity division team from Hyde Park Middle School in Las Vegas, NV.

The base structure is made of a knight’s helmet, derived from the team’s name, Golden Space Knights. In the bottom portion of the helmet is a Desert Bighorn Sheep, Nevada’s state animal, gazing up at the sky. This symbolizes our community’s support for future expansion into space. Notice how a rocket, similar to the ones that have carried previous rovers, is soaring above the sky. This represents our mission to reach Mars to search for evidence of previous life.


Spatium Apes — A Spirit division team from Gervais Elementary School in Gervais, OR.

Science Rovers — An Opportunity division team from Clackamas ESD in Clackamas, OR.

Helios — A Curiosity division team from South Eugene High School in Eugene, OR.


Sunray Bobcats Ares X-plorer — An Opportunity division team from Sunray Middle School in Sunray, TX.

The Sunray Bobcats Ares X-plorers are busy preparing for their ROADS on Mars 2020 Mission. SBAX designed their patch to represent the important factors of our school. Our school colors are royal blue, or as we call it “Bobcat Blue”, and gold. We put the outer perimeter our school colors with our names, logo “SBAX”, and mission “ROADS on Mars”. The Bobcat astronaut is our school mascot. The “Cats” flag is flown on game days in Sunray, TX, so proudly will it fly on Mars for our victory of being there. We wanted everyone to know that we are explorers, and our flag is planted on Mars surface to show we are here!!! The Earth is in the background which is where our journey began and our home to return.