National Challenge Page of Fame

Welcome to the National Challenge Page of Fame! Here we recognize the excellent work of teams from previous missions. Congrats to all!

“Never be limited by other people’s imaginations.”

Mae Jemison

ROADS on Icy Worlds 2021-2022

roads on icy worlds logo

Top Team – JUICE Division

BMSA Explorers from Meridian, ID

Top Team – Clipper Division

Europa’s Warriors from Paul, Idaho

Top Team – Voyager Division

Red-Tailed Hawks HS01 from Mukilteo, WA

Top School – JUICE Division

Mega Coolbots from Lummi Nation School in Bellingham, WA

Best Mission Development LogRS Space Hawks – Sparks Division
Puerto Rico’s Next Generation Science and Engineer Team
Best Final Mission VideoSequim Science Club
Sunray Bobcats X-plorers World Hunters
Best M0-02: Map Development Checkpoint ChallengeIce Rats
Moscow Space Dragons
BMSA Explorers
Best M0-03: Inside Europa ModelFlaming Eagles
Best M0-04: Explaining Europa’s SurfaceTeam Bubba
RS Space Hawks – Galileo Division
Best M0-05: Yeast ID Card Checkpoint ChallengeMega Coolbots
Puerto Rico’s Next Generation Science and Engineer Team
The Team Who Must Not Be Named
Europa’s Warriors
JMS Drobotics
Best M0-06: Landing Site and Drone LandingRed-Tailed Hawks MS01
Best M0-07 and M0-08: Surface Navigation and Sample CollectionIce Rates
The Team Who Must Not Be Named
Best MO-10: Mission Patch DevelopmentLunar Ladies
Wing It Like Winglee!Flaming Llamacorns B

ROADS on Asteriods 2020-2021

ROADS on asteroids logo

Top Team – DART Division

The Team Who Must Not Be Named

Team Mentor: Gwendolyn Valentino

Team Members: Iriana, Ithan, Ixchel, Keller, Robinson

Top Team – OSIRIS REX Division


Team Mentor: Lana Langman

Team Members: Alexander, Sophia, Vassilissa

Top Team – DAWN Division

RS Space Hawks -1

Team Mentor: Bradly Rivera

Team Members: Anna, Isabel, Isabel, Lola, Lucia, Marcela, Yamilet

Top School – DAWN Division

Infinity Spartans

Team Mentor: Belinda Guzman

Team Members: Alejandro, Alexa F., Alexa M., Angi, Eric, Gabriel, Gabriela, Isaiah, Jacob, Jose, Kamila, Mikkel, Porttia

Top Team – Hyabusa Division

WSSB Explorers

Team Mentor: Amanda Rodda

Team Members: Bridget, Daniel, Dezmynd, Kourtney, Lora, Nym, Pavel, Theorius, Xavier

Best Mission Development LogRachna’s Art & Academic Club -Team SOAR
Molalla High School Robotics Club
RS Space Hawks – 2
Best Final Mission VideoMartian PALs
Lunar Ladies
Sunray Bobcats X-plorers
Best M0-02: Thundering Bison Two
Team Hyperion
Best M0-03: RS Space Hawks – 0
Skyline ROADS Team
Best M0-04: JHS Astronomy
Best M0-05: Androids
Best M0-06: SciRules
Best M0-07:Trajectory is Nominal
Best M0-08:Millburn
Best MO-9: AL Group
Wing It Like Winglee!JMS Drobotics
Buckeyes Team 1-4
Rockin’ robot Rookies

ROADS on Mars Freestyle (2020)

ROADS on Mars - Freestyle logo

Top Team for Overal Excellence in Mission Performance

Millburn Phobos

Team Mentor: John Yi

Team Members: Eli, Eliana, Kwasi, Liadain, Madeline, Phil

Top Team for Overal Excellence in Mission Performance


Team Mentor: Belina Guzman

Team Members: Daniela, Gadiel, Leo, Miguel, Miranda, Sergio

COVID-19 Spirit AwardEagle Mind Squad
Special Commendation for
Excellence in Rover Design
Best M0-02: VMI
Exploring in the Dark
Best M0-03: Ares Bobcat
Best M0-04: The Martian PALs Freestyle
Best M0-05: TEAM STILE
Best M0-06: The New Von Brauns
Best M0-07:Arrows of Artemis
Best M0-08:ASK Academy NASA Robotics Team
Best MO-9: AL Group

ROADS on Mars (2019-2020)

Top Team

Ares Bobcats

Team Mentor: Jack Erickson

Team Members: Andrew, Emerson, Hanna, Isabella, Katie

Check out their MDL!

Top Team

Lunar Ladies

Team Mentor: Tom Misley

Team Members: Ariana, Lily, Pahlychai, Patricia, Sophia

Check out their MDL!

Top Team

Sunray Bobcats Ares X-plorer

Team Mentor: Angaleta Crenshaw

Team Members: Aallura, Brody, Justin, Kelley, Kenneth, Sully

Check out their MDL!

Top School

The New Van Brauns

Team Mentor: Bill Lillibridge

Team Members: Aiden, Jamie, Janina, Noah

Check out their MDL!

Mission Excellence Team 1DAB’EM
Mission Excellence Team 2Kerbal Krew
Mission Excellence Team 3Lil Einsteins

ANGLeS Challenge (2018-2019)

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