Artemis ROADS Late Registration Page

This page is intended for late registrations for the Artemis ROADS 2022-2023 Challenge. Please only register if you have permission from NESSP staff or one of our partner organizations.


If you have multiple teams participating in the challenge, complete the form for each team. Teams of students must have between 3 and 6 participants. Please split larger groups of students into multiple teams.

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Which Artemis ROADS program are you registering for?

Artemis ROADS offers both a student challenge and a companion course. You will need to complete the form for EACH activity you're participating in.

Mission Advisor / Teacher

This section is for the contact information of the person who will be leading the students -- whether you're an informal educator acting as Mission Advisor to a challenge team or a classroom teacher using the companion course in your curriculum. The main contact person *must* be an adult.
Please provide an email address you will have access to at all times, including during school breaks.
Yes, we also want to know if you acted as a "Coach" or a "Flight Director" for a previous challenge!