Artemis ROADS II Registration Form

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Before you fill out the form, please read through this page of frequently asked questions.

What am I registering for? You are registering to be an Artemis ROADS II National Student Challenge Mission Advisor. You will guide a group of students you recruit through the eight Mission Objectives outlined in our Challenge Manual (MANUAL LINK).

What is a Mission Advisor? A Mission Advisor is an adult who will be guiding the team. This person could be a classroom teacher, the advisor for an extracurricular club, a Scout leader, etc. The Mission Advisor is responsible for managing all communications between NESSP and the team, including team registration and submitting results. Teams may have up to two Mission Advisors. Mission Advisors must register during the “Lift Off” submission by providing their name, contact and organization information by January 17, 2024. Only registered Mission Advisors will be able to submit their team information (see below).

What are the guidelines for student teams? A team must consist of 3 to 6 students in grades 3–12, working together to complete the challenge. Team members must be enrolled in primary or secondary school or under 18 at the time of registration to participate. Registered Mission Advisors must submit details (names, ages, etc.) about your student team members in the “Injection Burn” submission, which has a deadline of January 31st, 2024.

What if I want to mentor more than one team? That is great! You must complete this registration form for each team you plan to mentor. This will give each team a unique team number so we can track them. Submitting this form for each team also allows you to request supplies for each team.

I’m just using the Artemis ROADS II Companion Course with students, and I don’t plan on mentoring a student challenge team. Do I need to fill this out? No, but please let us know if you use the Companion Course by filling out this short form (FORM LINK, it greatly helps us!). Educators who have participated in NESSP professional development can also use that form to request a classroom supply loan.

I have more questions. Hey, we understand! The best thing you can do is attend an Information Session (see our Events Page). However, you can also email your questions to