Artemis ROADS II: Authorizing Officials Information and Contract Feedback Form

Central Washington University (CWU) in Ellensburg, WA, which administers the NASA grant supporting NESSP, requires contracts for this year’s NESSP’s National Student Challenge due to liability concerns and Washington state laws for youth programs. This short form collects the additional information needed to complete this contract.

You can review an example contract and associated documents by clicking this link. Do not download and complete this contract. It will be emailed directly from CWU’s Contracting Manager to your organization’s Authorizing Official.

You can preview and download the Assumption of Risk and Release of Claims form. You can start collecting these forms. NESSP will ask you to upload forms for your team in the Injection Burn Initial Submission, due on January 31st, 2024.

If your team needs supplies, please promptly provide the information below. We will ship your team’s supplies as soon as the contract is completed. The deadline for submitting this information is January 30th, 2024.


Each main Mission Advisor must complete this form, even if another educator from the same organization has already filled it out. However, individual Mission Advisors overseeing multiple teams only need to fill out this form once.
For schools or larger youth/community organizations, the Authorizing Official is likely a Principal, Superintendent, or an official in the business office. If you are representing a smaller youth club or homeschool, you may be able to sign on behalf of your organization.