ROADS on Mars (soft) launch ?

Thank you to everyone who patiently waited out our technical difficulties yesterday and was able to join us for our launch of the ROADS on Mars Challenge.

Our sincerest apologies to everyone who tried to join us and encountered our meeting ID error problem.

For everyone who couldn’t join us, or who just wants to review the information presented, you can access a video of the meeting on our YouTube channel. The video is also presented below for convenience, followed by a list of the questions asked during the Q&A session.

Full details coming soon

Challenge manual — The final, official version of the ROADS on Mars Challenge manual will be available by the end of this week. We do have a draft version available for your perusal.

Registration — Registration for the ROADS challenge will also open by the end of this week.

Zoom meeting video

NESSP Director Robert Winglee provides a quick walking tour of the ROADS on Mars Challenge. Assistance provided by:

  • Kay Ratcliff — Field scientist
  • John Correy — Roboticist
  • Tedrick Mealy — Drone pilot
  • Christina Jarvis — Hub liaison
  • Mary Denmon — Q&A moderator
  • Chris Wallish — Camera crew

Questions from the Zoom meeting

What does someone need to do if they want to host the Challenge?

Contact Christina at She’ll provide you with a document outlining a hub’s responsibilities, and then you’ll discuss with her all of the details about going forward.

How do we buy the 3D map online?

Also contact Christina! She’ll give you all the info you need to order from our partner, Seattle Design and Print. Christina’s email is:

NESSP will provide maps to all hubs, so confirmed hubs don’t need to worry about ordering their own.

NESSP will also provide materials and information on how to create the 3D aspects of the map, including the crater.

What are the Challenge dates?

It depends on each regional hub. The Washington regional hub challenge will be Sunday, April 5, 2020, at the University of Washington in Seattle.

When will registration open?

By the end of this week.

Is NESSP using Google Drive for Challenge documents?

Yes, hubs will have access to a Google Drive with all documents. There is also a Google Drive for educators. To request access, email Christina:

Is the manual online?

Yes! A draft manual is available now. The final, official Challenge manual will be online by the end of this week.