Educator Professional Development

NESSP's goal is to strenghten STEM education across our region. We also support community-based science and engineering events in partnership with underserved and underrepresented communities.


Professional Development for Student Challenges & Companion Course

At the beginning of every new academic year, we offer professional development for educators who plan to use our Companion Course materials in their classroom or to serve as Mission Advisors for the upcoming Student Challenge. For 2022–2023 our framework is Artemis ROADS, based around NASA’s Artemis Mission.

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Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho:

Professional Development for Mini-Missions

Every summer (June), we offer professional development for educators planning to serve as Mission Advisors for the new Mini-missions. In 2022, we are offering two Mini-Mission for July and August focused on Icy Worlds and James Webb.

Learn more and apply by visiting the mini-mission page.


University of Idaho STEM Access Professional Development

STEM Access promotes and offers opportunities for educator professional development workshops designed to meet the individual needs of your educational community. Opportunities, including ROADS Challenge participation and Hub events, robotics, and companion course curriculum are available at no cost. Additional related opportunities throughout Idaho can be discussed with our well-informed staff. Contact STEM Access to determine the best option(s) for your educators:

Learn more by contacting STEM Access at or 208-885-5819.


Virtual Montana Science Teacher Standards Training at the Montana Learning Center:

Online training is offered throughout the year to K-12 science teachers in Montana, with a focus on understanding and implementing NASA science, Next Generation Science Standards, and three-dimensional science teaching in the classroom. 

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Virtual Science Teacher Remote Telescope Training at the Montana Learning Center:

Each Fall, the Montana Learning Center offers online remote telescope training to middle and high school science teachers in Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Upon completion, teachers can incorporate the remote telescope into their curriculums and use it to conduct meaningful astronomical research with their students. 

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NASA Student Robotics Challenges at the Montana Learning Center:

In early November, the Montana Learning Center hosts an on-campus two-day workshop for Montana science teachers to learn about and implement the annual NASA Student Robotics Challenges in their classrooms.

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Arizona Regional ROADS Professional Development Workshops from Northern Arizona University’s Center for Science Teaching and Learning

In the Fall, Northern Arizona University Center for Science Teaching and Learning offers professional development for educators interested in participating in NESSP ROADS Challenge programs.

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