News4Crews [March 15, 2022] — Meet an Expert from Europa Clipper!! (And don’t forget Checkpoint Challenge MO-05)

G’day, ROADS on Icy Worlds crews!

This is a BIG WEEK, with both a Meet an Expert chat with a flight software engineer from the Europa Clipper mission and a Checkpoint Challenge deadline.

Slides from the March 9 Office Hour session

The slides that Dr. Snowden presented at our March 9 Office Hour session are now available!  These are a great refresher on Icy Worlds MO-05, the yeast ID card, in particular and, in general, on how to design a good experiment. 

Slideshow on Google:

Meet an Expert — Mishaal Aleem

For our next Meet an Expert chat, we are very excited to host Mishaal Aleem, flight software engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab working on the Europa Clipper mission!  We really hope you’ll join us on Thursday, March 17, to chat with Mishaal about her journey from Renton, Washington, to JPL and Europa Clipper.


DUE DATE:  Checkpoint challenge MO-05 — Yeast ID card

Remember that the checkpoint challenges are optional (that is, they do DO NOT count toward your team’s final challenge score!).  But if your team is planning to submit materials for the second checkpoint challenge, they are due this Friday, March 18.

What’s due?

  • Your yeast ID card

Checkpoint Challenge MO-05 submission page: