News4Crews [April 14, 2022] — Mission video deep dive

G’day, ROADS on Icy Worlds crews!

We’ve gotten a few questions about exactly what does and does not go into the video portion of the final submissions, so here are some tips.

Recipe for an Icy Worlds mission video

MO-03: Inside Europa model (page 33 in the manual) — Is it required to include your Europa model in your video?  That depends!  Your team should have already documented your experimentation and findings in your MDL.

  • If your model and explanation are 2D (such as a drawn diagram and written explanation), include those in your MDL.
  • If your model is 3D, you can include photos in your MDL or include shots of it in your team’s mission video submission.

MO-06: Landing site/ drone landing (page 36 in the manual) — Your video should include the entire drone process, from checking that it’s working and securing the payload, then drone takeoff, taking a picture of the landscape and choosing your landing site, and finally navigating to the landing site, dropping the payload, and flying the drone back to base for shutdown.  If your team is substituting another system to simulate the drone flight (such as flight-on-a-string), include video of that process.

✨ Note! The rest of the Mission Objectives on the list are scored as separate MOs on the scoresheet, but in your video they will be shown as just one action sequence.

MO-07: Surface navigation (page 37 in the manual) — Show us everything from swapping out your payload for your rover through all of the rover’s maneuvers.

MO-08: Sample collection (page 38 in the manual) — Show us your rover collecting samples and placing them in the landing site.  Pay close attention to the information in the manual to choose the appropriate sample collection for your team (such as middle school versus high school, or the size of your rover and how many samples it can carry).

Voyager (high school) teams only > MO-09: Advanced surface navigation (page 39 in the manual) — Show us your rover taking color readings and then returning to the landing site.

Is editing allowed?

Each Mission Objective should be shown on video as one single, unedited shot.  This means that your drone flight needs to be one shot from beginning to end.  Your rover maneuvers also need to be shown in one single, uninterrupted shot.  You absolutely may record as many drone flights and rover maneuvers as you want and then pick the best one!  But you cannot pick the best sections from several different rover videos and edit them together.

Once you’ve selected your videos for each of the MOs to be included, THEN put them together to create one video representing the team’s attempt at the final challenge from beginning to end.

How long can our video be?

The drone flight plus the rover maneuvers together should take a maximum of about 12 minutes.  If your team is also showing their explanation of their Europa model, then about 15 minutes maximum should cover it.  You don’t have to be exact — a few seconds over is okay.  But, truly, it shouldn’t need to be longer than 12-15 minutes.

Have more questions about the final submission?

First, review the info again on the final submissions webpage.

If that doesn’t answer your question, see if we might have covered it in yesterday’s News4Crews, which is available on our website.  We are also keeping a list of questions asked and answered on our Final Q&A webpage.

And if you’re still left wondering, you can drop us an email up to 5:30 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, April 15 —