News for Crews — Welcome to ROADS on Icy Worlds!

G’day, ROADS on Icy Worlds crews!

Welcome to NESSP’s 2021-2022 NASA student challenge. Events and deadlines will start happening in January 2022, but please feel free to email us questions at any time.

NESSP office closure

Our offices will be closed December 23-28, with limited staffing December 29 and 30. We’ll resume regular office operations on January 3, 2022.

Supply shipping

If you requested supplies for your team, we’ve been doing our best to have shipments into the mail before the end of the year. If you have questions about your supply order, please drop us an email and we’ll get back to you in January when we’ll have a clear picture of what’s been shipped and what our stock levels are.

Mission Advisor training

We have tentatively scheduled a short training session for Mission Advisors for Friday, January 7. We’re working on finalizing all the details and will have information out to you when our office reopens on January 3.

Icy links

We’ll have even more information on our challenge website in January, but if you’d like some light reading for the end of the year here are some good links to peruse about the ROADS on Icy Worlds Challenge (affectionally abbreviated in our office as RoIW).

Our email

Please send us your questions as you have them! Our email address is: As noted above, we will have limited-to-no staffing this last week of the year, but we’ll get to questions as promptly as we can when we’re back in the office on January 3.