News for Crews — February event reminders

We have two great events coming up this first half of February and we do not want you to miss them.

Challenge “open workshop” & TA session

Need a little advice as we get started on this new ROADS challenge? Bring all your questions to our open workshop and TA session next week!

There’s no formal agenda — this is all drop-in time for you to stop by at your convenience with any questions you have. We will start out by introducing MO-01 and MO-02, but your team can work on and get help with any of the mission objectives.

Bring your whole team or have just a few students join. Feel free to pop in with just questions, but we are also hoping to make this an active workshop during which the teams can get to work with NESSP support. We can help your students with the math of MO-02 or we can assist them as they start building their final map.

If they are map building, we suggest students have their supplies (e.g. rulers, meter sticks or measuring tape, graph paper, and masking tape or pencils to draw on foam or poster board.)


Meet an Expert — “How to study the oceans inside Europa”

How do we study an ocean that’s inside the icy crust of a moon that’s millions of miles away? Join us on Thursday, February 10, for “How to study the oceans inside Europa”! Our speaker will be Marshall “Moosh” Styczinski, who graduated from the University of Washington with a Ph.D. in physics in 2021 and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.