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Artemis ROADS Unit 3 Lesson 3: Pack Your Moon Kit

This lesson’s guiding question is, “Once your basic needs are met, what else do you need to take with you to support your health and wellness on the Moon?

Lesson Summary:

Students will read about the items that NASA astronauts bring with them to support their overall wellness and then develop a list of items they would bring with them on their own journeys. They will assess what is feasible to bring with them using a series of constraints including personalized criteria for success, size and mass limitations, and any other considerations developed by the class. They will also have an opportunity to consider what their families and communities have brought with them on journeys in relation to the nature of forced or chosen journeys.

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Artemis ROADS Mission Objective Alignment:

This lesson is aligned with Mission Objective 5. Students are given size and weight limitations and asked to decide what items they would pack to stay connected to Earth on a long trip to the Moon.