Artemis ROADS II Unit 1 Lesson 2: Building A Strong Project Team

This lesson’s guiding question is, “What is our vision for this mission and how will teamwork help us reach the Moon?”.

Lesson Summary:

First, students will consider how symbols can convey information and examine examples of mission patches. Then, they will work together to create their own mission patch for the project. Next, students will learn about many of the different people who contribute to the Artemis mission and consider what roles they are most interested in. Finally, they will record their mission patch and career information in their MDL.

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Artemis ROADS II Mission Objective Alignment:

This lesson is aligned with Mission Objective 2, which focuses on the importance of mission patches. These will reflect the team, the object of study, the spacecraft, the mission goals, or a combination! How will you represent your Artemis mission with imagery?