Artemis ROADS II Unit 3 Lesson 4: ROV-ing on the Moon

This lesson’s guiding question is, “How can we successfully design, build, and program robots to perform work on the Moon?“.

Lesson Summary:

First, students will consider robots’ role in everyday life, including the challenges related to building and programming them. Next, they will consider what tasks robots might assist humans with on the Moon before learning about an example robot being designed for the Artemis mission. Then students will learn about pseudo code and write instructions for a robot driving along a provided path. Students will then translate the list of instructions and attempt to drive the course with a programmable robot. Finally, students will demonstrate that they can correctly program a rover to drive the Artemis ROADS II Rover Challenge Map. Students can extend their learning by modifying their rover to precisely drop off the payload and/or to use flowcharts to describe how their program functions.

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Artemis ROADS II Mission Objective Alignment:

This lesson is aligned with Mission Objective 7, which focuses on designing and building a rover to traverse the terrain of the Moon.