Artemis ROADS II Unit 2 Lesson 2: Getting to the Moon

This lesson’s guiding question is, “How can the engineering design process help us create a rocket safe and powerful enough to take astronauts to the Moon?“.

Lesson Summary:

Students will first learn why tests are important in the Engineering Design Process by learning about the various tests that NASA conducted before the Artemis I mission. Next students will complete a set of three hands-on activities to learn about concepts that are relevant to rocket flight, including the center of mass and rotation, the center of pressure and stability, and the forces of gravity, thrust, and drag. Finally, students will use the Engineering Design Process to improve on their water bottle rocket design. Students will be asked to build several designs (changing a single variable) and then analyze flight data to determine the most successful design.

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Artemis ROADS II Mission Objective Alignment:

This lesson is aligned with Mission Objective 3, which focuses on designing and building a rocket to fly to and from the Moon.