Artemis ROADS II Unit 1 Lesson 1: Introducing The Mission

This lesson’s guiding question is, “How can we use experiments, models, and rehearsals here on Earth to understand other solar system objects and plan a successful mission to the Moon?“.

Lesson Summary:

First, students will explore NASA’s exploration goals, readings, and videos about the Artemis missions. They will make connections between Artemis and NASA’s larger goals and describe the who, what, when, where, how, and why of Artemis. Then, they will look at examples of project documentation from the past in order to start planning their own documentation for this project.

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Artemis ROADS II Mission Objective Alignment:

This lesson is aligned with Mission Objective 1, which focuses on creating a Mission Development Log to record your mission from beginning to end. Participants will document their planning discussions, plans, findings, failures, and successes.