Artemis ROADS II: Supply Information

NESSP will provide the following challenge supplies to teams that register for the challenge as availability allows for qualified teams. However, these are not required supplies. Your team can purchase similar materials or use robots, rocket launchers, etc., already available to complete the mission objectives.

Mission ObjectiveAvailable from NESSPProvided by Mission Advisor
M01NoneComputers if your students are doing an electronic MDL or paper/notebooks for non-electronic MDLs
M02NoneArt supplies (or computer access), depending on the type of patch your students will make.
M03AquaPod Water Bottle Rocket Launcher

Estes Altitude Tracker

2-liter bottles, glue, tape, and other supplies to construct a water bottle rocket

Bicycle Pump with pressure guage
M043D Printing Pen

Pastry Bags

Regolith simulant
(email info[at] for individual order)
Additional supplies to build habitat
M05Grow light, remote & clamp lamp

Grow Plants in Moon Dust STEM Kit includes regolith simulant, gloves, mask, 4″ planter cups. Email info[at] for individual order.
Local soil

Seeds (List of locally or culturally relevant ideas)

Additional supplies to conduct plant investigation
M07Lego SPIKE Prime Robot

OR Lego EV3 Kit
Computer or tablet that is compatible with a programmable robot.

Material to build practice course or final challenge map.

NESSP Supply Tutorial Videos:

3D Printer Pen Tutorial
Lego SPIKE Quick Start Tutorial
Regolith Tutorial
Aquapod Launcher Tutorial
Lego SPIKE MyBlock Tutorial