Partner Reporting Page

Please report your activities by uploading a document (word, excel spreadsheet, or pdf) or include the requested information in a text box.

NESSP sponsored events and activities during the reporting period:

Here are some ideas of information to include about a NESSP event that would be helpful. It is OK if you do not have all the information, but please be as complete as possible.

  • Name of event/activity
  • Date(s) & time
  • Location (organization; address, city & state; or just zip code)
  • Brief description
  • Headcount (in some cases, an estimate is OK)
  • Age & grade range if student, grade range if participants were teachers
  • What was successful, and what could have been improved?
  • Whether Horizon already been in contact with you to evaluate this event/activity?

If you were not involved in a NESSP event but did other forms of effort for NESSP (i.e. create content, recruite) briefly describe those efforts.

Event photos, videos, or related media:

  • Please save all photos and related media in a folder, zip the folder, and upload.
  • If photos include participants’ faces, please scan and upload media release forms or indicate you have them on file.
  • OR save media in a Google Folder or Dropbox and include the link.

Upcoming Events:

Please describe any upcoming event/activity (date, time, & location). Include a request for any supplies or support needed for the upcoming event/activity.

NESSP Feedback: How can we support your organization going forward?

Additional Information: Any other information you think is helpful.

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Upcoming Events/Efforts

Feedback and Additional Information

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