News4Crews [April 13, 2022] — Final submissions due FRIDAY, FRIDAY, FRIDAY

G’day, ROADS on Icy Worlds crews!

This is it!!  Final submissions are due this Friday, April 15!

Wait! I have a question!!

No worries!  We’re still here to answer your questions up until 5:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon.

Where do we submit?

Make your final submission on this page — .  The submission form is live right now, so you can upload your files whenever you’re ready.

And you don’t have to submit all of your materials at once. If your MDL is ready but your video will take a little more time, go ahead and send us the MDL now and submit the video later (but still by the end of the day on Friday, April 15!).

I forgot our team number!!

Don’t panic!  Just drop us an email (you can reply to this newsletter!) and ask us to look it up.  We’re keeping a close eye on our inbox this week, so we should get back to you pretty quickly — although remember that staff will log off by 5:30 p.m. on Friday, so we won’t be able to answer you after that!

Don’t forget the scoresheet

Each team’s challenge run needs to be scored by a local scorer.  The scoresheet is a Google Sheet, so you’ll need to make a copy in your own Google Drive or download it as a spreadsheet.  You can find the scoresheet here (this is also linked in the instructions on the final submission page):

Team names and member names

We use the info we collect in the “team name” and “member names” fields to generate the certificates that teams receive for their final submissions, so double-check for typos!

We didn’t quite get everything done — should we bother submitting??

Yes!!  It’s okay to not quite achieve everything.  Please do submit what you have accomplished because we give awards for “Best of Mission Objective.”

Do we have to submit for “Wing it Like Winglee”?

Nope! This is a Checkpoint Challenge, so a submission for it is entirely optional. But it’s always a really useful habit to spend time looking at what went wrong, troubleshooting why it went wrong, and brainstorming how you can avoid that in the future, so we encourage teams to consider a submission for this checkpoint. Plus, we’re giving prizes!

? ? ?

Now — take a deep breath, have a glass of water, and just do your best. If you get stuck, ask yourself, “What would Dr. Winglee do?” and just wing it.

PS — Who wants a prize reveal??

This year the prize for top teams is … a trip to Kennedy Space Center in July! That’s right — this July!! Top teams from ROADS on Icy Worlds will have the chance to join top teams from our previous challenges on our trip to Kennedy July 5-8, 2022. Details will be available when we announce the top teams.