High-altitude balloon tracking

What happens to an object when it’s in space? What does your community, your state, planet Earth look like from an astronaut’s perspective? Our high-altitude balloon (HAB) program is an exciting hands-on opportunity for students (of all ages!) to explore the answers to these questions. HABs can go as high as the mesosphere — a part of the Earth’s atmosphere often termed “near space.”

With our HAB program, students craft a payload — memorabilia or objects for a science project — which is then attached to the HAB and carried into space.

We equip our HABs with a GPS device, which both helps us to recover the payload and see where the balloon has traveled (on the way up) and where the payload has traveled (on the way down). You can track our HABs using the links below. If we’re releasing a balloon in your community, ask one of our staff members to let you know which Spot GPS device we’ll be using.

We also attach a GoPro camera to our HABs. The camera does not livestream, but we often do upload the resulting video to our YouTube channel. The view can be dizzying, but we encourage you to check it out!

To track UW Spot #3, use the following link


To track UW Spot #4, use the following link


To track UW Spot #5, use the following link