NESSP’s lending program provides supplies to educators across the U.S. You should request your kit at least two weeks before your planned activity, and we ask that you have the kit repacked and shipped back to us within 7 days after your event. A return shipping label is provided.

We do our best to accommodate requests, but we have limited supplies and they do rotate in and out of availability — supplies may not be available at the time of your event. We encourage you to submit your request as early as you can. This is a lending program, and just like a library someone may have already checked out what you need.

Types of supplies

Over the years we have loaned supplies for NESSP activities such as summer camps, professional development, and challenges. The types of supplies we have loaned have ranged from drones and LEGO Mindstorms to water rockets and bicycle pumps. Supplies available for loan through this program change from year to year.

2020–2021 academic year supplies

For 2020-2021, NESSP is only providing kits of supplies relevant to the ROADS on Asteroids challenge and the companion course. Each kit contains enough supplies to support one team in the challenge or one class following the companion course.

If you’re using the ROADS on Asteroids curriculum — Register your class & request supplies here

If you’re a coach/mentor for the ROADS on Asteroids challenge — Register your team & request supplies here