NESSP’s mini-mission program (formerly known as summer camps) offers curriculum and supplies to educator-led activities across the northwest region.


Summer 2021 Mini-Missions

For summer 2021, NESSP is pleased to offer several mini-missions for use in your summer camp activities in July and August. This year we are offering two formats: NESSP Guided — You and your students will meet virtually with a NESSP facilitator for one sessionSelf-Directed — You will facilitate activities for your students Who can …

Mini-mission program details

Mini-missions must be

  • Offered to students in grades 6–12
  • Offered for free
  • Led by an educator who has attended a NESSP Summer Camp Training within the past 3 years

Support we can offer

  • Stipends to one lead teacher and one assistant teacher (assistant teacher stipend dependent on enrollment)
  • Reimbursement for eligible supplies
  • Material lending program
  • Curriculum

Our mini-mission curriculum covers

  • Environmental science and remote sensing
  • Planetary exploration and robotics
  • Exploration of the solar system and rocketry

We encourage teachers to adapt the curriculum to the needs and interests of their community!