Undergraduate TA sessions

As part of our curriculum pilot program, NESSP is offering classroom support in the form of sessions with undergraduate teaching assistants. These sessions offer virtual instruction with hands-on experiments for any of the units from our ROADS on Asteroids companion course curriculum.

The TAs are undergraduates in STEM majors at the University of Washington. If you need supplies, they will be mailed in advance so that your students are prepared for the hands-on components.

Dates and times

NESSP and the University of Washington are based in Seattle, which is on Pacific Time. Please keep in mind the time difference between where we are and where you are!

Also note that the University of Washington is on the quarter system. The UW’s autumn quarter does not start until the end of September. We have a winter quarter that runs from early January to early March. The spring quarter starts in late March and runs until early June. We only schedule TA sessions for one quarter at a time — the date selection in our request form (below) is updated each quarter accordingly.

Video conference

If you are requesting a TA session for a group within the same school district — one class, all classes in a grade, an after-school club, et cetera — you will be responsible for providing the video conferencing.

If you are requesting a TA session for a group with students from a variety of school districts — a Scout group, a community organization, et cetera — we may be able to provide the video conferencing.

Request a session with an undergrad TA

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Details for scheduling your TA session

We will offer sessions again in January 2021.
Will you need supply kits for your students?
Please give us a brief synopsis of what type of student group you have — class, community group, et cetera.