ROADS Freestyle Mission Objectives

ROADS Freestyle teams will need the Mission Objectives (MO) document to guide them as they complete the mission. The PDF covers required objectives for the Freestyle challenge and is available in a printable format and a format that’s easier to read digitally.

Lunar surface map

If you’ll be running the ANGLeS Challenge for a local organization — or you just want the right landing site for team practice — you can send this PDF of the lunar landing site to a local print shop.

Download lunar surface map as .PDF

Professional development: Lego Mindstorms & drone training PowerPoint

This PowerPoint is a slideshow meant to support hands-on training for both Lego Mindstorms robots and Force1 drones.

37-slide version — Download as a .PPTX
Updated March 25, 2019

66-slide version — Download as a .PPTX
This longer version includes additional multimedia as well as information on how the Challenge relates to Next Generation Science Standards and a primer on lunar geology and crater formation.
Uploaded March 28, 2019

Flight Director information + curriculum

Each team requires one adult as the Flight Director. The Flight Director will act as the primary contact and coach for the team. The Flight Director information document provides information on piloting a drone, information on engineering and programming a Lego Mindstorms robot, and other relevant concepts such as wireless communication and remote sensing. The Flight Director information packet also covers curriculum related to the challenge.

Download Flight Director information as a .PDF

Official ANGLeS Challenge manual

The ANGLeS Challenge manual gives a complete overview of the challenge, from details on all stages of the challenge activities to what science and programming standards for middle and high school students are supported.

Download the manual as a .PDF
Version 1.4 — Updated May 20, 2019