Checkpoint challenge #3 — Team mission patch 🗓

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Submissions for this first checkpoint challenge come from Mission Objective #04 “Team Mission Patch” in the ROADS on Asteroids manual. For classes following our companion course, crater formation is covered in unit 4, lesson 4.

What’s the objective?

Each NASA mission has its own patch, often designed by the crew itself. Your team should also have a good mission patch that represents your objectives and community values.

The checkpoint challenge has two components:

  • Image of your mission patch
  • Short explanation of your mission patch’s design

Get creative and design a mission patch that represents particular team, your community, and your mission in the ROADS on Asteroids challenge! Also write a short explanation of the elements of the patch and their significance to the team.

What you’ll submit

You have several options for submitting your materials for checkpoint challenge #3.


You can either submit your mission patch image and your short explanation as two individual documents (one an image file such as a .jpg or a .png; the other a text file such as a Word document or a .txt), or you can combine them into a single document like a Word file or a PDF.

Link or upload

As with all our other submissions, you can either upload your submission directly to our server or you can submit a link to where your files are hosted (for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and so forth).

Checkpoint challenge #3 submission form

Submission — Team mission patch

The video can be submitted either as an uploaded document to our website or as a link to your document elsewhere (such as a Google Doc, a doc on Dropbox, and so forth).

Contact information

Please provide the name and email address of the adult teacher / coach / mentor who can answer questions on behalf of the team.

Ready to submit your team's materials

Thank you for submitting your team's checkpoint challenge materials! You will receive an on-screen confirmation after submitting this form, and you will also receive a confirmation via email. If you have any questions, please email us: