ROADS Companion Course Kit Requests

NESSP supports participants who completed one of the Artemis ROAD Companion Course Workshops by providing classroom kits that enable educators to use Companion Course lessons with larger groups of students.

NESSP is seeking to serve as many students as possible. Please help us by observing the following guidelines:

  • Kits are not guaranteed and are dependent on availability. NESSP will confirm if it can supply the loan on the dates requested.
  • NESSP is funded to support low-income and underserved communities; therefore, educators in qualifying school districts will be prioritized.
  • Kits will be loaned for one month and must be returned with all parts and be organized in original condition. (Please don’t mix robot kits or send a box of loose LEGOs!)
  • Due to NESSP’s limited staff, we ask that educators request kits at least 3-weeks in advance.
  • The number and type of supplies in each kit cannot be modified.

Available Kits*:

  • Large Spike Robot Kit: Six LEGO Spike Robots
  • Small Spike Robot Kit: Three LEGO Spike Robots
  • Mindstorm Robot Kit: Six LEGO Mindstorm Robots
  • Large Drone Kit: Six Drones Tomzom Mini Drone for Kids or similar
  • Small Drone Kit: Three Drones Tomzom Mini Drone for Kids or similar
  • Life Sciences Kit: Six Temptop MC2000 CO2 Detectors and Adjustable LED Grow Lights

*For more details on these items, please refer to the related Companion Course lessons!